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At Strathcarron Brewery we like to keep things simple and straight forward. Our aim is to produce the best quality traditional beer (or Real Ale) that we can.  Probably the best way to do this is to stay small and independent. 


We like the idea that every village should have its brewery, as in some countries they do.  We want our beer to be local, and of the place as much as possible, so we use our own mountain spring water which comes from the hill right behind the brewery.   We supply pubs and shops within a short distance of the brewery.  Being small and local allows us to maintain the quality and attention to detail that has made our beer so popular.

The brewery is a partnership of Martin Phillips, Paul Pearce and Colin Parsons, and between the three of us we do just about everything here.  It all happens in the old byre on Keith's croft at Arinackaig, two miles up a single track road from Strathcarron village, surrounded by cows, sheep and chickens.  There's nowhere like it!





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