The Beers


Our version of traditional dark stout, not too strong or too sweet, with a toasty malt flavour.

Red Cow is a 'best bitter' style beer - middle of the road, nothing fancy, just good beer.

Golden Cow is light and hoppy and a bit less bitter.  A very refreshing beer.

A traditional Scotch Ale, Highland Cow is darker and stronger than Red Cow with a touch of sweetness. 

What's in it?



We use basic natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water, with a little Donegal carrageen to keep it sparklingly clear.  Our beer is not filtered or artificially carbonated.  We don’t use any preservatives or other artificial additives.

Our environmental footprint is important to us, and we like to keep our food miles as low as possible.  Where the main ingredient of our beer – malted barley - comes from matters.  We use malt grown and malted in Scotland. In a market dominated by American, German and Czech hops we have chosen to use hops from the traditional hop growing counties of Kent and Worcester.   This also supports UK farmers and hopefully adds to the Scottish/English character of the beer, in an increasingly global market.

One of the hop varieties featured in our beer is called Boadicea.  It is described by suppliers Charles Faram as “the most environmentally friendly hop available on the market”.  It has a natural resistance to aphids and fungal diseases and so requires much fewer pesticides than any other hop.   We also quite like the association with the historic rebel!  (And of course it makes the beer taste good.)





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